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“If one were a betting man, placing a wager on the crowned frog and Little Prince of Oregon Nursery is a risk worth considering, as they seem to have the complete package – quality production, customer service, and a niche market with a pulse on the future”
~ Maria Zampini,  for Nursery Management Magazine. Read more

Little Prince of Oregon Nursery is a wholesale grower located in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

Since 1997, Little Prince of Oregon Nursery has been dedicated to growing premium plants. We focus on unsurpassed quality and customer service, in turn contributing to our customers success.

  • Perennials, ground covers, ornamental grasses, ferns, native plants, succulents and much more!
  • Contract growing and custom propagation options.
  • Consumer friendly labeling for retail garden centers. Check out our tags by going to the ‘Our Plants’ tab and clicking on a plant name. The crowned frog logo on all of our tags creates brand recognition that gardeners everywhere have come to trust.

Petite Prince™

Ground covering perennials that tolerate foot traffic. These low growing plants are perfect for pathways and borders or other places in the landscape that may get some foot traffic. FOOT TRAFFIC PERENNIALS™ are called out on our labels with the tagline: “Walk on me!”

These tough perennials form a dense ground cover and are used for weed suppression and erosion control. GROUND CONTROL® plants are hardy, low maintenance ground covers that keep out unwanted troublemakers.


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